A few things Ive been working on of late.

So Ive just spent 5 weeks in the States and I figure that I need to be blogging more. I like it as a little release but I tend to shuve all my stuff on facebook which has a limited audience. I got some great wool and fabric over there and decided to treat my self to some knobs from anthropologie to do u my chest of drawers. Ive also been really getting into pinterest.

Heres the cushion I made using the fabric I got in the states. I loved the fabric, and then I just added some crochet flowers and a yoyo to add a bit of benny flavour.

I also made a big huge wavy blanket whilst in the states using Lucy’s neat ripple pattern from ATTIC24 can be found here.
Both are beautiful and will look great in my lounge.

Remember that QAL?
SO here it is, it took me forever but I managed to do it!!! Im lovin the anna maria horner fabric. Im planning to get a chair covered in one of her LouLouthi velveteen’s. So heres the first block 1/29 I think Im going to make this a one a day project.


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