My bits and bobs from today

R has been such a pickle today! His refusal to nap did not aid the pickles that he got himself into today. His mischief today included missing his potty whilst executing a poo. Filling up the soap dispenser in the washing machine full of powder, smearing sun cream all over his legs and standing barefoot in dog poo in our friends garden. The joys of having a two year old, bless him he means well and the world is just a giant learning experience. Thank goodness he is now fast asleep and I can sit down relax and write you guys a blog 🙂

Still despite the beautiful twos, in various forms, I managed to get a piece of work finished and ready to sell, and I want to share with you something I have finished and something I am currently working on think past – present – future. So here goes!

1. Past

I mentioned in my last post I finished some crochet; well here it is, when I finally sit down and grab five minutes I will write you all a pattern for it, but until then its loosely based on an African flower and then I added a few rounds to the outside of it, basically making it up as I went along. My t-shirt yarn mandala bath mat 🙂

Pretty right?

2. Present

So this is what I created today, R wanted to help at every stage of the creation process, and he loved watching me on the sewing machine. I’m not sure about the story behind this one, perhaps it is a mother, perhaps she has suffered, maybe its about grief. I like to think its about dreaming, and possibilities.


 And 3. Future I made these hexagons a while back, and they were destined to be a blanket, now I am having a rethink and possibly considering this cute right?

Peace x

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