Scrap happy :)

So today I decided to get out something I had lying around and get a plan in place. I’m still working on my bobble blanket but I need to have a few things on the go Incase I get bored of the same thing. I keep looking at simple granny squares and thinking yes! I need to go back to where it all began. So here are the begginings of a blanket I will make, I’m just going to edge each one with about three rounds of cream and do a join as you method. Should whip up pretty quickly. 🙂 

And to think, this picture of pretty was made just from scrap wool! I’ve had a few requests from people who follow the blog and want to get going on starting up crochet what to start with?! I teach everyone a granny square first, you can’t go far wrong, it’s an easy way of whipping up a blanket or cushion cover easily, and therefore has that instant satisfaction factor, a must have when you are first starting out in crochet! Other wise the wool and the hook ends in a snotty heap of fustration! When this blanket is underway, I’ll write up some nice easy to follow instructions. A little while back I made these teaching aids, which have really helped learners to see, magnified what they should be making.
When I started crocheting, it was horrendous, and I definitely learnt better once my friend Emma showed me 🙂 Now two years down the line, and I’m always up for a crochet challenge! I love helping others to learn too, because I truely believe it’s how craft should be learnt, from others, not necessarily a book or magazine, although youtube I can forgive 😉
The rest of our day today has been spent watching movies, reading, doing maths on our walk to the park and having some fun inbetween the rain clouds 🙂 
Me and T having a hug in the park, on days like this I love home education! The boys were mesmerized by the catkins hanging around everywhere, T said they felt like worms!
Oh! And happy pancake day, mine’s lemon and sugar thanks! How do you eat yours?! 
Peace x


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