Make your own pillowcases! And other ramblings.

So we are moving house, the cute little cottage will be missed, but we realistically need more space with two very active boys. Plus, I need my own making space and the new house will have space for my sewing table my wonderful hubby adapted for me 🙂 it has a cutting groove and a metre rule flush to the surface. here it is in all it’s glory! 

Can’t wait for it to have all my pretty things all over it! So in preparation for the new house I wanted to change our bedroom colour scheme a little. If your interested in my inspiration check out my bedroom board on Pinterest. So I’m making a crochet blanket for our bed and that’s going well. I promise I’ll show you that one in due course 😉 and I plan to have all white bedding, makes it nice and easy to change the colour scheme again (and it will happen) if the bedding is a plain colour, and white is as good as any plain colour! The pillowcases however I decided I wanted to be a patterned fabric, I wanted to find some vintage pillowcases and put a little crochet edge on them. So I went thrifting, on etsy, to carboots, charity shops, ebay. And nothing grabbed me in the colour scheme I had in mind. I gave up and decided to make my own, I did however manage to find some other pretties along the way. They needed to be rescued and I couldn’t leave them behind! Trying move house Benny, declutter declutter….NAHH! 
See what I mean! Pretties! So anyway! Pillowcases! I decided to make my own, might be safer than filling up my half packed house with more beautiful things (that I don’t really need).
Here goes!
The fabric is Amy Butler – Alchemy sketchbook, it also comes in a cream colour way. It still has a vintage feel I was going for but nice and bright with white tones in so will go with the bedding. For two pillowcases you need just over 2m so I bought 2.25m knowing it have some excess to make curtain tie backs or bunting or something 🙂 I started by cutting the fabric into 20inch strips so I ended up with 4 20inch strips and a small excess piece. I then made two 20×30 pieces and two 20×37.5 inch pieces. The longer bits create your flap on the inside that conceals your pillow once it’s inside. 
So on your longer pieces on one end edge roll the raw edge over and create a 3/8 inch rolled seam. Stitch in place. 
On your shorter piece roll the seam but just pin in place.
Then it’s time to sew the pieces together, raw edges together and then fold the excees from the long one around the shorter piece so the shorter piece is sandwiched one end by the bigger piece. Then stitch the three raw edges using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Then turn in the right way and stitch your pinned edge and the flap edge too. And voila! Quick iron and they are perfect!

Then you’re ready to crochet the edge 🙂 
I’ll come back to you with the crochet edging, I haven’t decided what I want yet 🙂 but I really enjoyed making my pillowcases! Hope you have a go too! For the other pillow I did the reverse so the opening was on the other side, so basically mirrored what I did for the first pillow, have a go!
So that’s the plus side, to moving the new pretty bedroom, the down side is leaving T’s climbing tree behind. We’ve been here two years and it finally decided to flower again, there’s something about magnolia trees that screams romance! 
Oh and just coz I can, here’s my beautiful granny, my brother took this pic, so I can’t take the artistic credit 😉


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