I have this friend called Jen

…and she’s a totally awesome photographer. She also breastfeeds, helps people and home educates, she’s also creative, so of course naturally we are going to get along. I’ve been making bits and bobs lately and super excited to be making some props for her photography. 

I made these for her this weekend for a twinnie shoot.
Yesterday was Easter Monday and Jen hosted a party in the bluebells shoot, leading up to this Jen was telling me her camera wouldn’t cut the low lighting and she felt like a fraud. She was carrying too many things on her plate and it was beggining to wobble. Jen can take amazing picture from an iPhone, so the fact she was worried about her camera not cutting it, said to me like she wanted things to be perfection. 
All creative things require tools of the trade, a potters wheel, a sewing machine, a crochet hook, a camera. But creative things also require artists. Artists bring things to life, they inspire you. Jen inspires me. People will pay money for the outputs of someone’s craft. This puts pressure on the artist to get it right and expectations of the payee for what they are commissioning. To some, they just see the person clicking a button, taking a picture or fiddling with wool until it becomes a hat. Whatever the craft, people need to realise that the vision, the composition, the creation, all takes love and effort, every time. Anyone can click a button, anyone can fiddle with wool, but it’s the artist that creates a masterpiece. 
Want to see Jens amazing picture? Of me?
See? What did I tell you?! https://www.facebook.com/jennifersphotodocs go like her on facebook. Do it now.


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