Valentines and my recent thrift finds.

I really like valentines, my husband however things it’s a ploy from Clinton’s to make more money. Still I like to decorate the house a little bit because January is such a dreary month, it seems only right to be followed by some bright and cheerful love hearts! 

Back in December I searched the charity and vintage shops for old cut glass jars and bowls because I did an old fashioned sweety bar, my husband had it as a child and I wanted to recreate it! Can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of it! But after christmas was over I had nowhere to store the glass and also I’d spent time and effort finding these pretty things I wanted to display they some how, so I decided to use a tray I found from a charity shop in the town and popped it in the window sill in my lounge, it looks lovely the way the light catches it. The hearts are needle felted, made by a friend.
The pom-poms on sticks are super simple, I used my clover pom-pom makers and glue gunned them to the top of the sticks. 
The next glass purchase was a mixture of ebay and gumtree, I’m a little in love with these. 
The two green ones are vintage viresa glass bottles the one in the middle is an unbranded carboy. I’ve popped lights in one and it’s just beautiful 🙂 see?! I have a real love for vintage glass. The carboy in the middle I’ve seen made into lamps before. Check out my Pinterest for more ideas for these.
I’ve also made some more heart bunting but this time with felt 🙂 really cheap to make too. Just take two rectangles of felt, sew along the long edge. Then take the other long edge and fold the sew inside like a book. Then sew this long edge. It should make a tube than it heart shaped. Cut into cm hearts. And glue gun or sew together.

In the background you can see the crochet hearts I made last year 🙂 
Feel free to share your valentines makes with me, or show me your thrifted goodies! I love to be inspired by other peoples finds.
Peace x


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