Lacy join-as-you-go

My preferred method of joining blocks is join-as-you-go because lets face it the idea of sewing squares together, after you’ve spent hours crocheting them, is enough to leave that project in the ‘Work In Progress’ pile, right?! Right. So once you’ve exhausted the usual join-as-as-you-go method you want to move on from the norm and try something a bit different? Well you’ve come to the right place, and best of all this is still a join-as-you-go method!

I made four granny squares but this method can be used with any block. just evening space the loops. Its also great if you have loads of granny squares hanging around you were going to join but couldn’t be bothered to sew together (we’ve all been there).


 So start by joining the yarn you are going to use to join the squares, this looks great if you use the same colour as your last round but for the sake of demonstration I’ve chosen a rather hot pink to make the pictures a little clearer.


Once you’ve joined your yarn you are going to do chain 4 and then single crochet into the spaces (dc for English)


When you get to the corners you add an extra loop, so in the corner space you sc, ch4, sc. Like so:

Then carry this on around the entire square, join with a slipstitch into the first sc you made.

It should look a little like the picture ubove. Once that’s complete you work on joining the next square, starting in the same way once you get to the first corner you ch2, sc into the corner loop on the completed square. (this will be your edge). ch2 and then sc into the block 2 corner space.

Continue to chain 2 and sc alternating between to join the blocks along this edge. It should look like this.

When you get to the next corner space do not join as you did for the first corner. This will be joined by the block 3 and 4. Any blocks that do not sit on an edge should be left open like this:

Continue now to chain4 and sc into the gaps and finish the block slip stitch into the first sc.

Now we join block 3, begin in the same way and complete one edge until you get to the first corner. This will be joined to block 2 corner space using the chain 2, sc into block2 corner loop, ch2, sc into block3 corner space.

Continue to join to Block 1 using ch2, sc method making sure you are missing the corner space on block 1.


When you get to the next corner you need to join it as this is your outer edge.

Complete the round by using chain 4, sc. Join with a slip stitch to first sc. It should look a little something like this:

Woo! Block 3 done! See how lovely its looking? So now to join block 4! Guess what?! Starting the same way, complete one edge! We are then going to join it to the outer edge of block 2 joining by the corner loop. If this was going to be a bigger project you would connect it to the block that is next to block 2. In this instance  the project is only 2 block wide and it is an edge so I am going to join it.

Continue to join across using ch 2 and alternating between blocks with a sc. At the next corner you are joining it to block 1 corner loop. So, sc into block 4 corner space, ch2, sc into block 1 corner loop, ch 2, sc into block 4 corner space.
Continue to join to block 3 using the ch2, sc, method, join the bottom corner as this is an edge, if you were adjoining more squares leave it not joined like the block 1 and 2 bottom edge. Finish off block 4 using ch4, sc into the spaces, slip stitch into the first sc and VOILA!
I hope that you enjoyed the lacy joining! If you have any questions please post below as I really value your comments 🙂 Ta Dah! Once blocked and/or steam ironed it will look just fabulous!



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