Obsessed by flowers

On Tuesday evening I taught these lovely ladies, who have been practising hard, how to join their squares together. We were looking at the join as you go method. And all are doing fabulously well. I’ve just set up a facebook group called Hooked by BennyRens for past students to chat and compare notes with one another. To find out more about my workshops please go here.
During the day, on Tuesday, I was with the lovely Alexsis at Seeded, fiddling with her display and creating this little capsule of sping/summer. All these bright summery colours were really inspiring me. I personally really like that I made a basket of flowers from her rolled up felt! And that pompom trim…. So pretty, I could spend so much money and time in this shop.

So needless to say…. I came home and threw a colour palette together and created a summery wedding theme wreath.

I knocked up a sample selection of pom poms and flowers, the giant daisy is my own pattern.
Essentially it’s ch62, turn dc in 3rd chain from hook and all the way across, and then turn, ch10 and slip stitch into the top of each stitch repeat across, making loopy petals, roll it up and make a small ball for the middle. 
I chose to crochet wrap my wreath in cream. My basis was wedding so cream seemed the obvious choice, I made up a few more flowers and pom poms and begin to build my decoration. Using some ribbon to hang it up.
The husband was adamant it didn’t look very wedding like. So I made the 2 honeysuckle buds at he top to create the church bells. I tried to explain it was themed, the look I was going for was country garden wedding, I didn’t want to add things like just married or the words wedding so that it can be used all the time, but more as a momento.
I continued with the design, filling the decoration and adding glass buttons for a little sparkle.
Here you can see the daisy more clearly.
Voila! Here is it!
Was so pleased how it turned out. I also made some makeup removers this week, as a quick project and will be up in my shop soon. 🙂
I also got these beautiful peonies yesterday. I’m in love with this time of year and all the beautiful things you can see in the garden this time of year. It’s beautiful.
Not content with all that, I have also acquired this lovely ceiling lamp, with the cream pom pom trim, could be the next upcycle project at BennyRens.
I have a commission on at the mo, for 2 lovely single blankets 🙂 here is a sample of how one of the blankets will be 🙂 slightly obsessed by flowers at the moment.

Enjoy! See you back here soon!


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