The Tulip Blanket – Pattern

So the sister blankets we have been making are complete. Here they are aren’t they LUSH. This is a pattern and border tutorial for the tulip blanket, the heart blanket pattern can be found here.
The blankets were made using Stylecraft special DK in cream, meadow, saffron, pomegranate, lavender, turquoise and fondant. I used 5 balls of cream, 2 of meadow and not even a whole 1 of the others. Leave long ends at the end of rows to sew in later. If you like charts, there is a good one on ravelry here.
I used a 4mm hook. So to start, with cream crochet a foundation chain with a bigger hook, multiples of 3 plus 1. turn. I think I did about 163 foundation chain, for a single bed. (That’s a ball park guess)
Row 1: Continuing with the cream yarn, Single crochet in 2nd ch from hook and then every stitch across. ch1 turn
Row 2: Single crochet in every stitch across.
Row 3 (leaves): Change to Meadow or your green yarn, ch3, *in next st, dc,ch1, dc skip 2* Repeat between stars across, dc in the last stitch. 
Row 4 (flowers): Change to any of the flower colours, ch3, *in next ch1 space puff and ch2* Repeat between *’s at the end 1dc into the top of the previous row ch3.
Row 5-8: Repeat row 2. (The first sc row after the flowers should be as follows, 1sc in the dc, 1sc in the puff and 2sc in the ch space across, ending with a sc in the top of the turning ch3 from previous row)
Row 9 onwards: Repeat rows 3-8 until desired length, end on a row 6. (i.e. Once you have done a flower row, finish with 2 rows of sc.)
Once you’re at the desired length you really need to tidy up all those ends, yes it is a pain but its part of the process and will all be worth it in the end. Here is some visual motivation for you!….
See? Totally worth it, You could leave it as is, but I like the finish of a nice border, So now, its border time…

I always start by attaching the yarn in the bottom right hand corner, making sure the blanket is the right side facing. the first two rounds are single crochet, make sure you make 2 sc into the edge of the dc from the leave and flower rows. and 1 sc into the sc rows. Hopefully the photo below will help.

When you get to a corner you make sc ch1 sc all in the corner stitch, then carry on around putting one sc in the stitches across the short edges. The picture below shows you the corner.

On the second round of sc, in the ch1 space in the corners work sc, ch1, sc. As shown here in the picture.
 *read the instructions to the end so you don’t mess up the corners*
The next round change yarn colour, I chose fondant. For this round, ch3, *skip a stitch, then work 1hdc ch1*repeat around between *’s and in the corner ch1 spaces work hdc ch1 hdc.
The next round is the same as the previous round only worked in pomegranate and the hdc in this round are worked in the spaces created by the previous round. You are still working into the cream single crochet. The corners you just work 1hdc in-between the 2 hdc from previous round.

This picture shows a close up of how the corners should look.

So now the final round, we are so close! The picot edge. Start by sc into the dark pink and then the light pink, then a picot shown step by step here:
Chain 3
Insert hook into the first ch.
Yarn over pull through everything.
Then sc into the pale pink hdc. As shown here…
Follow that with a sc in the dark pink and then the light pink and then picot. It should look like this:
Work this around, you can space them out more or less depending on the look you want, have a play, there are no rules!

Voila! Finished blanket!
If you have any questions please pop them below!


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