Hellebore or Christmas Rose pattern – and colour inspiration

So, in my house christmas does come early. It’s not even Halloween and already we are wondering around garden centres looking at their Xmas displays. When you make things to sell, it’s good to have things made up in advance. Off the peg for some is easier that trying explain what they want. When the choice is endless it makes decisions pretty tricky.

In this post I’ll show you how to make this Hellebore, so read on!


I love to look around the christmas displays to find inspiration and look at colour schemes. Design seeds is another port of call for colour and as seen in my colour wheel post this is another way to look for colour palettes.
This is what stood out the most for me, and peacocks are bang on trend this year for christmas.
So for then even more colour inspiration, I tapped in winter woodland into google, and threw peacock in there just for fun, look at these great images…
Feeling festive yet? That last picture is a hellebore, they flower in December, and are sometimes known as the christmas rose. I figured I would have a go, so here we are.

Cute? Here is how you can make yours.

Hook 4mm – Cotton DK, and small amounts of acrylic DK. US terms
Abrev: BLO- back loop only
To make centre:
Ch2, in 2nd ch from hook work 5sc. Don’t join.
Continue working 2sc in each (10sc) don’t join.
Continue working 1sc in each (10sc) slip stitch into same space as your last sc.
To make petals:
In any sc join and work in BLO.
Work 2sc in same stitch as join and 2sc next stitch (4sc)
Continue working in both loops, ch1 turn in same work 2 sc, 1sc in next, 1sc in next 2sc in last (6sc)
Ch1turn. 2hdc in first, 1hdc in next 4, 2hdc (8hdc)
Ch 1 turn. 1 hdc in each stitch (8hdc)
Ch1 turn, 2sctog in first 2 stitches, 1sc in next 4, 2sctog in last 2 (6 stitches)
Ch1 turn, 2 sctog in first 2, 1sc in next 2, 2sctog in last 2 (4 stitches)
Ch1 turn, 2sctog in first 2, 1hdc and 1 sc in last st (3 stitches)
Ch1 turn 2 sctog in first 2, 1sc (2st)
Ch1 turn, 2sctog ch1 fasten off.
Repeat 4 more times to create 5 petals, remembering to work in back loops.
Weave in ends. Cut 10 strands of acrylic yarn, place your hook under first front loop, pull a strand through at the middle so you have a loop and then bring both ends of the strand through the loop to secure. Place these strands around all the unused front loops, split the yarn fibres to create a curly look and trim all ends to they are even in length.
Voila! If you have any questions just shout! X

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