The big three O

So the month of February is upon us, where does this year seem to be disappearing to? January was a great month and I’ve dived into a new project. I am Kon Mari-ing my house, so far I have done clothes, books and paper. I’ll slowly be working through troubled areas but it’s made me realise how much I’ve neglected certain areas of the house.

So, I’m currently making a quilt for our bedroom, I didn’t really think through how on earth I was going to quilt it, so as a 3-0 birthday gift I’ve booked onto a long arm quilting workshop at The Little House of Patchwork. I can’t wait to be honest, another skill to add to the tool box.

The materials I have chosen are by designer April Rhodes from her Bound collection

I wanted to keep a pale theme but with hints of contrast, so I did swap out some of the darker samples in the range for coordinating solids. I’ve decided to use a mixture of 12″ and 6″ squares and rotate them so it echos the edgy style of the fabric.

As you can see my scribbled notes all around the edge, trying to make sure I had the right about of triangles was relatively stressful. So I took a slightly more organised approach when I cut the fabric out, I separated it into rows of the quilt to make it easier when I come to piecing the quilt top. Fair to say I learnt from my mistakes.

So glad all the triangles for the top are now cut out, I just need to piece them all together and try and figure out how I’m doing the back. Then the mission of quilting it will begin. Pop back for progress!
Peace x


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