Made in England

So some of my Facebook followers will know that I’m very soon to be emigrating to the states. Our stuff has now gone into storage and I’m trying so hard not to cram every spare inch of my suitcase with pretties. We’ve found a lovely house and are just waiting for visas. It was really hard to sift through our belongings and decide what we were going to ship and what we would be better off replacing and of course most of our electrical stuff had to go. It became my mission to ship things that just couldn’t be replaced or things that may be hard to find state side. The more British the better.

A week or so before the removals came I found these lobster pots and this West Germany vase. I know that both of these are European made but they’d still be tricky to get hold of in American. The husband gave me the eye rolls but I got all this for a mere £18, plus they would be so much more expensive in the states. I can’t resist a bargain. At least not ones as lovely as these. 

The other thing I was absolutely determined to get finished was this old ercol rocking chair I got from Facebook market place, it came to me old and tatty, and had a split in the seat, at £30 it seemed like a project I couldn’t pass, and it seemed so sad and unloved. I couldn’t ship it in that state because it would have fallen apart, so I made it my last project in between sorting and recycling. 

I sanded the loose varnish and finished it in onyx by the London vintage paint company. I then fitted it with a custom made cushion from Stage One upholstery, the lovely Bryan knows his Ercol well and is super reasonable and used my fabric. He even worked to my deadline, as I needed the cushion before the removers came to pack it all up. The material is from IKEA.

I’m super pleased with how well it’s turned out, I’m usually a bit of a purist when it comes to painting ercol but black is an out of factory colour so I feel it works well. 

The last treasure which I’ll need to cram in my luggage is this 1970’s Metamec sunburst clock. I picked this up for a bargain £19 at a vintage market. I fell in love with it and couldn’t leave it behind. It’s got ‘Made in England’ printed on the front too, so will remind me of home whenever I look at it.

Can’t wait to put these new treasures in our new house. I’ll be sure to blog about the new place soon.


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