Baby pink! Rainbows!


So today I’m happy because I taught myself how to add a gadget to my blog! you can now find all my inspiring things on facebook, instagram, pinterest and twitter!!! hurray! Amazing! It was my birthday yesterday too, hurray, amazing!

So over the past week or so we had a winner of the mandala on facebook, pop over using my new button to see who won! See now you have to use my shiny new buttons!! I’ve also been working on some beautiful baby girl things for a friend who is having her little girl soon. There is something about a baby bump that is just so precious, it seems ill be making many more beautiful baby items as I have a lot of friends having babies very soon! So you want to see? I made a gorgeous little baby cardigan, the first one I’ve ever made as aside for some pj trousers for my boys I generally don’t like clothes, but this was a no seam cardigan so how could I refuse? Besides with two boys sometimes a girl needs a bit of pink in her life y’know?!

Pretty isn’t it? You can find the pattern here. So when my friend saw this, she wanted me to make more! She found another image on pinterest, if you click on my button at the top, you can find it 😉 (see what I did there?) A beautiful rug for her babies nursery, but alas there was no pattern so I had to make my own, shame, I love mandalas! I used boodles tshirt yarn, most people get it from hobby craft but they have a great website too, check it out. So here is the beauty I made, so good I pictured it twice.

I promise I will write a pattern for this one too, when I get 5 mins! Also aside from commissions, I’ve been working on this beautiful bobble blanket, essentially just blackberry stitch, again also will be a baby gift for an unsuspecting friend… maybe that’s dangerous as now all my pregnant friends will wonder who its for! Here it is so far…..
Peace x


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