The season of change – Autumn wreath!

Well, it’s definitely no longer summer, the children are back at school, the mince pies are already in the shops?! And the promise of Halloween and Natures autumnal colours are nearly upon us. So with this in mind, I thought I would create an autumn wreath for the door, I have a Christmas wreath and one for summer, so thought is best to celebrate autumn with a wreath. Plus I was lured in by some lovely muted stylecraft colours! Gold, plum, rust, teal, spice and raspberry.

Normally I buy Hoooked to wrap my wreaths, but I couldn’t find the right colour in my usual shop so I went for some boodles, when I compare the two, hoooked is a lot better value for money but also has half the amount knots and it’s slightly better quality. But hey oh, I had to use boodles, on the bright side the colour was just what I was after! 
The tshirt yarn is crocheted on using chain stitch. And the ring itself I buy in bulk from The Craft Mill, it’s 35cm diameter, it’s a good size to work on, and they have a flat back.
It’s a nice quick method, and it has that nice polished finish and because it’s crocheted on it also won’t suddenly unravel it you need to have a break for a cuppa 😉
The next step is to make all the little bits and bobs to go on your wreath, I tend to make up a whole batch and fill in gaps as I go along, I do love a little birdy and as this was an autumn wreath I decided leave and a crochet pumpkin was the way to go. For any of those looking to do a wreath workshop with me this should give you a good idea of the makeup of a wreath.

So working from the bottom to the top… (Crochet patterns are my own) 

Row 1: 1 crochet pumpkin, 2 crochet sunflowers, 2 vintage buttons, and one gisela graham bird.
Row 2: 4 large crochet leaves, 3 medium crochet leaves, 2 small crochet leaves.
Row 3: 2 small flowers, 1 large flower, 2 small crochet balls, 1 large crochet ball, 5 tiny pom-poms.
Row 4: 5 large pom-poms
Row 5-6: 12 medium pom-poms
Row 7-8: 15 small pom-poms
This will be enough to cover the entire wreath, if you’re making your own, try varying the size and amount of pom-poms and leaves etc, and see what outcomes you come up with. Check back to find out how it looks….

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