Autumn wreath continued….

Once all your decorations are made and ready for the wreath I tend to plan how I’m going to cover it, this wreaths decoration is going all the way around, I tend to make the bottom of the wreath decoration quite big and filter out through the sides and pop a big pompom at the top. To begin I add the bird and some of the crochet, I spread it out to break up the pom-poms.

At first I attatch with pins. So if there is something I don’t like I can move it. I always start at my focal point, in this case it’s the bottom with the bird and sunflower and work my way up. I work with the wreath flat on the table to start but as it’s a hung decoration, I do hang it on the way every so often to check the composition, to see if the colours and sizes of the decoration is balanced, I find it hard to do that right under my nose on the table.
As you can see here I’ve moved the sunflower and replaced with the pumpkin, so that the large decorations are towards the bottom, and it begins to feel a bit more balanced as I work up to the top. This is the beauty of pinning everything on first. You can move it around as you need to. 
Once you’re happy with the composition, you can crack out the glue gun. Here is my finished composition still pinned. I also found some great leafy trim from my favourite haberdashery Seeded. You can find them on etsy.
Come back tomorrow for the final instalment and tadahhhh moment. 


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